Stjärnjul i Kungsan – our 29th year goes outdoors

This year's Stjärnjul, Stjärnjul i Kungsan, will be in a slightly different, smaller format but offers, as always, Christmas coziness and Christmas joy. This year in collaboration with the City of Stockholm.

On December 11th at 14.00 in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, the large choir from Stjärnjul (with singers from the choirs The EntertainMen and Rönninge Show Chorus) will celebrate Christmas together with Stjärnjul's favorite Janne Åström and the oral drummer Svante Drake, accompanied by pianist Lars Edvall. Emcee: Sanna Balsvik.

There are a small number of places under cover, so take a break from your Christmas shopping and be there on time with warm clothes and shoes. Everyone is welcome, no ticket needed! The concert lasts for about 45 minutes.