Stjärnjul 2017 – 25th Anniversary!

For the 25th consecutive year, Stjärnjul returns to create a wonderful, warm Christmassy feeling. Our broad repertoire mixes old songs with new ones, traditional carols with gospel, and contemporary music with classical hymns.

Our Christmas concert is always built on joy, warmth and tradition. Centered around the mighty Stjärnjul Choir with 200 singers from The EntertainMen and Rönninge Show Chorus. As always it also includes an amazing orchestra under the direction of Grammy Award winner Mattias Bylund, and and a group of guest stars who give the show that something extra on top.

This year Stjärnjul will have the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists like the world-renowned trombonist and singer Nisse Landgren, the lovely musical theater singer Emmi Christensson, the fun talented stand-up comedian with many voices: Jörgen Mörnbäck, and the amazing American tenor Lester Rector. These four, together with the rest of the ensemble, will give you a warm, cozy feeling which should carry you well into the coming year.

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The dates for the 2017 concerts:

Saturday December 9 at 2pm
Saturday December 9 at 5.30pm
Friday December 15 at 7pm
Saturday December 16 at 2pm
Saturday December 16 at 5.30pm

By tradition performed in Filadelfiakyrkan, Rörstrandsgatan 5, Stockholm. The show is about 2 hours long.